MAC Eyeshadow Mini Haul

I noticed a few weeks ago that the website for Target here in Australia had a few MAC products for sale through their web store only. They seem to all be products from the Tartan Tale and Peacocky collections and there must be a bit of stock from these collections still around as they seem to be the same shades that pop up on Catch of the Day and Strawberrynet quite often. I really liked the Mega Metal eyeshadows in particular as they are much bigger than the standard MAC shadows and have a really nice finish. I already own Dalliance and Spectacle of Yourself and a one day 40% off sale made these too good to pass up (at approx $13 each)! shipping was $9 also but I was really pleased when these were delivered this week. The colours are a bit lighter than was was displayed on the website but I am very happy with all 3 I chose.

L-R: Prance, Tweet Me and Peek-At-You from the Peacocky collection.

Swatches, L-R: Prance, Tweet Me and Peek-At-You

These shades will be great for everyday wear as I'm a big fan of a bit of a shimmery neutral lid colour. When I am running shor of time in the morning it just makes me feel more polished and draws attention in to my eyes.

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. What a bargain! :) Beautiful colours you chose. Have you tried checking for differences between these and shadows bought from MAC? To check if they are 100% genuine?

    1. Hi Ty, I have a few already from this collection and they definately look genuine to me! Identical... I think they must have had a bit of stock left from this collection as it seems to pop up from time to time on clearance online too.

  2. Oh Tweet Me is gorgeous!