Australis Nudist Palette

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the lovely Tara ( to tell me that I had won her blog giveaway and she would be sending me the Australis Nudist Pallette as my prize! I was so excited as I had seen it featured in quite a few beauty blogs, but every Australis stand I went to seemed to be out of them. I do own the Urban Decay Naked palette so I was keen to see how our very own natural eyeshadow palette compared and I really like how this is just a bit more compact - I will definately be throwing this in my bag when I head off to Hawaii next month!

I have been loving these shadows! They are all shimmery, which might mean they aren't for everyone, but I normally gravitate towards shimmer shadows anyway so it suits me just fine. I'm normally in a bit of a rush to get ready in the morning, so my everyday eye look will only use one or two shadows and this gives me a good range to choose from. The shadows go on smoothly and are really nicely pigmented, the only thing I would've liked to be included would be just one even darker shade so I could do a smoky eye for night without needing a seperate shadow. The darkest brown shade just doesn't quite give my smoky eye the depth I am after but all in all this is really great value and a good option for anyone looking for a good all-in-one neutral palette for creating a variety of looks.

Thanks so much to the beautiful Tara for sending this to me! :-)

Have you tried this palette?

Hope you are all having a beautiful day!


  1. I'm so glad you like the palette! :) Where abouts are you going in Hawaii? I was there last November, I broke my leg though over there so I didn't get to see everything!

    1. Love it! Heading to Waikiki for two weeks in the middle of October. Went a few years ago and loved it and I'm so excited to go back! That sucks about your leg - hope you got to enjoy some sunshine all the same!