Chi Chi Nudes and Bronzes Palettes

After quite a few trips to Target and Myer, I finally managed to get my hands on two of these new palettes from Chi Chi. They have been making quite a splash in the beauty community lately, particularly the Nudes pallette, as it has been compared to the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadows. It took quite a bit of tracking down - at first neither of the stores had it in stock and then when I finally found the Bronzes at another target, the sales assistant told me the Nudes had all sold out and had only been put on the shelves that morning! I managed to grab one of the last ones of these left at my local Myer store when they finally got them in but it was certainly a challenge!

These are a great option if the price of the Urban Decay palettes puts them out of your price range (these retail for $19.95 each but I managed to get the Bronzes when Target had 25% off making it only $14.95).

Quite a few bloggers have shown the colour comparison between the two palettes (have a look at Beauty Banter) and the shades are VERY similar if not identical. My only comment would be that these seem to be a tad more powdery than the Urban Decay shadows and some of the shades don't seem quite as pigmented. This really only means being a bit more careful when applying them to avoid fall-out so wasn't too much of an issue and maybe applying a thicker layer of shadow to build up the colour.

These are the lighter shades in the Nudes palette. I find these tend to be the shades I would get the most use out of - my go-to eye look when I am in a massive rush is just a sweep of a shippery peachy nude over my entire lid and inner corner to brighten my eyes (like the second shade from the left here).

The best part about opting to use a range of shades from within a palette is that they are designed to all go together and undertones all work together to create a nice result. While these darker shades will probably not get quite as much use they are a great range for add whatever level of depth I want for any look for during the day or heading out at night. I find with light coloured eyes a black/gray smokey eye looks very harsh on me so I almost always opt for a dark brown smokey eye instead.

I couldn't resist picking up the Bronzes collection as well as these were a bit warmer toned and I have found using shades with a slightly red-brown tone works wonderfully to bring out my blue eyes. These are the sort of colours I am wearing quite a bit of the last few weeks while I make the most of the summer sun and have more of a tan.

These are more golds and bronzes (duh) than the nudes palette and contains only one of the lighter shades for highlighting on the inner corner or under the eyebrow.

Overall this palette seems to have more darker shades but I was quite happy with the range contained here. These are definately a great bargain buy (if you can manage to come across one in store)!

There was a third palette Chi Chi brought out alongside these but it was their Brights palette and I just didin't think I would get enough use out of it to justify purchasing that as well. I do sometimes use a coloured shadow, however I already have quite a good selection so thought I would give it a miss for now.

Have you tried any of these palettes?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. Those colours look gorgeous and I can definitely see the resemblance to the Naked palette. I hope to get my hands on some but have not had much luck so far. Great review

  2. I've only got the budget for one or the other...which palette do you think is better?