Nail of the Day - OPI I'm All Ears (from the Minnie Mouse Collection)

I picked up a few colours from this collection when I was in Hawaii last October and haven't tried them out until now.

When I applied the first coat I was quite disappointed - it seemed to go on very sheer and I was thinking I was going to have to apply about five coats in order to get a decent coverage! However, the second coat seemed to go on much better. I have found this before with other polishes where the initial coat seems to have a bit of trouble sticking to the nail and it's not until the second coat goes on that you start to see the colour. The pic above was with two coats, I probably could have applied a third for a totally opaque coverage but I was in a rush to get on a flight so this was all I had time for!

The colour is gorgeous - a berry pink/red with blue and pink shimmer through it (although it was very hard to capture in the photo)! This will definately be getting a lot of use now...

Have you tried any polishes from the OPI Minnie Mouse collection?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


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