My Priceline online order arrived!

In the spirit of playing catch-up, I have quite a few blog posts to upload from the last little while. Apologies again for the delay of these and I know some may no longer be as relevant but I thought I would still share what I have been up to beauty-wise in the last few months for those who are interested.

After blogging about the Priceline Skincare Goodie Bag, I was anxiously stalking the postie for my very first online Priceline order to arrive and was thrilled that I didn't have to stalk long! I placed my order around 6am online on the Thursday and my order was waiting for me when I arrived home from work on the Friday - brilliant! It was split across three packages (two for my order and a third for my goodie bag) and while this might mean sometimes parts of your order arriving on different days I was lucky to have all mine arrive together. Another thing I was pleased about was that they left my parcels on my doorstep rather than me having to go to the post office to pick them up which can be such a pain! This might'nt be the best if your order was worth hundreds but since all I had ordered were skincare products this suited me just fine.

Here's what I purchased to spend $60 and qualify for the GWP:

As most of the items from the qualifying brands were reduced as well, it allowed me to get an whole lot more than $60 would normally get of full priced products. This time I tried to restrict myself to stocking up on things I know I use regularly rather than trying a whole new range of things like I have done in the past - it's all part of my new effore to be a bit more sensible about my beauty needs and purchases! :-/

So I went for multiples of my Dove Body Silk Body Lotion, my Palmers Cocoa Butter and my Palmers Cocoa Butter SPF 15 (this is my beach bag staple and keeps my skin soft while protecting it from the sun).

This is what was included in the goodie bag, a fantastic range of full sized and travel sized products. Some I have used before (the 'Yes to Blueberries/Carrots/Cucumber' range of wipes are awesome!) and some were things I had heard of and wanted to try (Biore Steam Activated Cleanser and Aveeno Positively Radiant range). All in all I was really happy with it and it's great value if you ask me!

Also included was a $5 off coupon for use when you make a purchase from the Avene range. You may know if you read this blog regularly that I've found Avene to be a bit of a nothing range for me (doesn't irritate my skin but doesn't do anything wonderful for it either) so it's not likely I will end up using this.

Did you get the Priceline Skincare Goodie Bag this time around? What did you think?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. I think Avene is a nothing range too! I haven't used a lot of their stuff but did have high expectations. My soul was crushed when I discovered their products are meh!

    1. I know - they have such good hype but not for me sadly! Glad I'm not the only one who's not a big fan...

  2. Great idea stocking up on the things that you actually use - I need to take a leaf out of your book!


    1. I'm trying Sarah! ;-)We'll see how long that lasts when there are so many shiny new products around to try... haha...