March Beauty Basket

So after much drama my Beauty Basket for March arrived with just two days of April left to go! It's such a shame Beauty Basket's customer service isn't great as it really lets down what would otherwise be a fabulous sample service. It will be interesting to see how they go over coming months as Glossy Box also had many issues and customer service problems which may explain why they have now merged with Lust Have It after their April box.

With so many beauty subscription services on offer now in Australia, great customer service can either make or break a company so it's a shame it's not taken more seriously. I know a few people who have subscribed to Beauty Basket and all have had issues. A quick look at their Facebook page gives you an idea of the troubles others have been having with them and it seems to take many unanswered emails and twitter messages before they respond to any queries and even then responses are sporadic at best. Fingers crossed they get their act together but I will giving some serious thought to whether I continue when my 3 month subscription runs out.

That said, here's what was in the basket for March:

Beauty Basket do have really good value so if it weren't for their customer service and delivery issues they would be sitting at the top of my list for sample boxes.

Innoxa Nail Enamel in Candy Apple
Innoxa is a brand I have never tried any products from so this will be a first for me. The colour is a beautiful opaque pale pink so will be keen to see how well it applies.

Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Treatment
Yet another brand I have heard plenty about but never tried. My hais can always use a treatment and I am still on the search for one that transforms my dry frizz into soft, Victoria's Secret-esque waves!

U Little Beauty Dinki-di Day Cream
I love supporting good Australian products and even better if they're natural so this will be one of the first I try out. The name is a little over the top and offputting but hopefully a good product wil make up for it.

Avon Super Shock Max Mascara
I haven't been a big fan of many Avon products in the past so it has been years since I used anything from them. I've tended to find them a bit cheap and nasty so perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this one!

John Plunkett Instant Wrinkle Filler
This is a travel sized version of this primer and it will be good for taking away next time I need to downsize my travel makeup bag. I like the concept of filling in small lines and hopefully giving your makeup a smooth surface to sit on.

All in all I am quite happy with the products I have recieved, they have already revealed what the products will be for this month's basket on their website so will be keeping my eye on the mailbox!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. I know what you mean about Beauty Basket's shocking service! Such a shame :( I am still waiting for my box!

  2. I love their baskets, but their customer service is shocking. I didn't get the Feb basket, but they send 2 of the March ones. Have tried to contact them but no response :(