Nail of the Day - Eclipse

This has to be one of the brightest polishes I have seen!
My friend picked this up for me a few weeks ago as part of a bet I won in December. She bet me I couldn't wear a different pair of heels to work every day from December 1st until Christmas - clearly I have far too many shoes so she had to buy me a nail polish (since my obsession is quite well known)! She picked up this traffic-stopper for me and it promptly got passed around the office. So now we are all rocking lovely bright nails (the colour is 702 but it doesn't seem to have a name). I had never tried an Eclipse polish and was very impressed with how easily it applied and how long lasting it was. I probably got about 4 days out of it before it started to chip and about 8 before it needed replacing altogether (without a top or base coat).

Have you ever tried any polishes from this brand? I am keen to pick up more now.
Hope you are having a beautiful day!


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