April Glossy Box

This was the last Glossy Box and I was really hoping they would go out with a bang and have fabulous products but once again the box was a bit average which is a shame. It's very easy to see why Glossy Box couldn't keep up in what has become a very competitive market. There are plenty of better beauty sample boxes on offer and I was planning on unsubscribing to Glossy Box so their merge with Lust have It has saved me the trouble! I am a big fan of Lust Have It so hopefully they keep going strong and don't pick up any of the negative aspects that Glossy Box had so much trouble with.

Here's what I got in the very last Glossy Box:

I don't think I did too badly as I know many people did not get the Jurlique sample but this box just wasn't up to scratch compared to others on offer.

Redwin Organics Orange and Bergamot Moisturiser
I used to be a huge fan of Redwin's Vitamine E cream growing up as I had quite bad acne and acne scarring and it helped to clear t up wonderfully. Redwin is also quite an affordable brand but I haven't tried any of their products in recent years since they have expanded their range.

Uandi Natural Age Reversal Cream
Age Reversal? Haha, sign me up! This is a pretty bold name for a facial moisturiser but I'll give it a go. Uandi says they "integrate ancient wisdom from the Indigenous people of Australia" and anything natural I'm keep to try out.

Indola Repair Capsules
It took me a while to work out which product this was as there are 18 listed on the back of the Glossy Box card but I think I worked it out. It's a bit annoying as the paper bag containing the capsules has no branding or writing on it. These are supposed to repair damaged hair I think but I can't see these three little capsules going far in my long, thick hair at all!

Davroe Thermaprotect Protection Spray
I quite likes the last Davroe product we received in a Glossy Box (a lemongrass detangler) so will definately be trying this out. My hair is dry and damages and can always use protection.

Jurlique Intense Recovery Mask
I love Jurlique products so was very happy to finally get one in Glossy Box! I haven't tried this mask before so will be relaxing in the bath with this on in the very near future.

Did you get the last Glossy Box? Were you happy with what you received?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. I got exactly the same products as you!

    And I'm in the same situation with LHI and Glossy. I was planning to unsubscribe (to Glossy) and now I needn't bother. And like you I stayed for Glossy's last box cos I thought it'd be awesome... I'm not too disappointed, but I was hoping for more.

  2. I got the same box too! Not totally sure what to do with the capsules... ?

    Fingers crossed for LHI!