June Lust Have It

I finally received my Lust Have It Pack for June yesterday and like many other subscribers, found it quite disappointing. While I do love that each month the products now come in a little cosmetic case (the perfect size for my handbag), this has been the first month I’ve felt like Lust Have It has not been worth the $14.95 I paid for it. I wonder if they are struggling now they have to cater for all the ex-Glossybox subscribers and aren’t able to get larger quantities of products. It’s interesting as since this is only the second pack for those from Glossybox, so they may lose quite a few of these subscribers if July’s is disappointing also. I am also a bit annoyed as I seemed to get my6 pack several days after other people which is not the best news for my blog as by the time I write this I’m sure most of you will have already seen what was included this month.

All the same, here’s what was in this pack:

LonVitalite 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask and LonVitalite 24K Active Gold Full Eye Mask
This is a brand I had never heard of before Lust Have It and while I do like relaxing in a bath with a face mask on, I’m not sure I’m going to be a fan of these. Will let you all know my thoughts when I have given them a go.

Bastite Blush Dry Shampoo
Don’t get me wrong – I love Bastiste Dry Shampoo and this is the perfect size for my gym bag, however I just feel like this is not a new product and has been included in several of these sample boxes before. This is still my favourite of all the products this month but I could’ve gone out and bought this for myself for much less than $14.95!

Bloom Glitter Eyeliner
Bloom is another brand I am a big fan of but I’m not sure why this was the product they chose to include. I think it would have been much better if we were given something more useful on a daily basis (lip gloss, nail polish, blush?) as I can’t really see myself getting a whole lot of use out of this glitter eyeliner before New Years Eve!

Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume
I love this fragrance and this will be good for keeping in my handbag but it’s only a small sample so still doesn’t make me think this pack is great value for money.

Roberto Cavalli Perfume
I have never tried any Roberto Cavalli fragrances so this will give me a chance to try it out once I get through the mountain of other perfume samples I seem to be accumulating from these sample packs!

All in all, Lust Have It had been one of my favourites before this pack so I really am hoping it was just a once off and next month they will be a bit better value. I do think we have been very lucky to get so many full sized products from all these sample services so we have become a bit used to having high expectations for these when they really are supposed to be just sample boxes.

Were you happy with Lust Have It this month?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. What happened with Glossybox that Lust Have It have got to cater for their old customers?
    I see what you mean, this pack doesn't look the best value for money!
    Mel x

    1. Hi Mel, they "merged" but really I think Glossy Box has such bad customer service and so many issues with postage, payment etc that I think they would've stopped altogether otherwise.