Magazine GWP's

So I noticed when I was at the shops that there are some great freebies with magazines this week. There is a free ModelCo makeup set to celebrate their 10th anniversary and a free Mirenesse Lip Bomb lipgloss with this week's Women's Day at Coles. Couldn't help myself, I had to get both! 

Here's what was included:

InStyle ModelCo pack. Included a blush in Ameretto Sunset, a lipgloss and a mascara. This also came in a peach set but there were just lots of copies of this one at the Coles I visited.

The lipgloss and blush swatched. They didn't seem to be as great quality as ModelCo products normally are which was a bit dissappointing. The blush was quite powdery and sheer.
This was the Women's Day I picked up. Again the Coles I was at only had two of the lipgloss colours available so I chose the more nude shade. The other was a deep pink but I have plenty of pink glosses so passed that up. There is also a free Lash Transplanter coupon if you like Mirenesse on facebook and fill in your details so I did that as well.

The colour of the lip gloss swatched. It was very pigmented which surprised me as other Mirenesse glosses I have picked up as freebies in the past have been a bit more sheer but I am pleased with it. I still may pick up other colours of this if I am at a different Coles later in the week.
I thought the applicator of this was interesting too - a bit of an unusual shape!
Did you pick up either of these too?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. Every country seems to be giving amazing freebies away this month!
    It's a shame about the quality of the blush, but it's certainly a pretty colour :)
    Mel x

    1. I think it will be OK, just have to work with it to build up a bit of colour! :-)

  2. I love the lip color is amazing :D i would like to have in my makeup bag :D I follow you now on GFC hope you can do the same to stay in touch :D


    1. Thanks Itssa! I was so impressed with the fantastic quality of the gloss!