June Empties

Sorry for the delay in posting this beauties - been a hectic week!

It's already the end of June which means we're half way through the year! Wow! I can't believe how quickly the months are flying by but I am so excited about what the rest of the year has in store. This month there seemed to be a lot of products in my bin, I think there were quite a few which were almost gone in May so it didn't take much for them to be completely used up. I'm also on a bit of a mission to try and use up more of the sample products I have collected over the years so you will probably be seeing quite a few samples being featured over the next few months.

Here's what we have this month:

Sunsilk Keritinology Detoxifying Shampoo
I picked up the shampoo and conditioning treatment in this range as I had read so many good things about it online. I'm still using the treatment but I did notice this seemed to make my hair feel less brittle and dry, can't say I was blown away by it but maybe after I have used it for a bit longer I can give a better review.

Imperial Leather Foamburst Shower Gel in Passionflower and Jojoba
That's right - another one of these shower gels! I love them and now have only one scent left in the cupboard to use up. I love all the scents I have tried so far and the way such a small amount lathers up means that it lasts quite a while too.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Hand and Body Lotion
I think I have been using the same bottle of this for about the last three years but I finally finished it up. I don't use very much of it but it's great for applying on areas I have had waxed and seems to minimise the amount of irritation and ingrowns I get.

Edward Beale Hilite Brite Shampoo
I was given two giant bottles of this and I can't say I'm a very big fan. I usually use the De Lorenzo Silver Shampoo to tone down any brassiness between trips to the hairdresser and that seems to be much more effective. The Edward beale shampoo needs to be left on my hair longer to get the same results and I sometimes don't feel like it really gets my hair clean. Wouldn't be picking this up again.

Palmolive Rapid Shave Foam in Ocean Breeze
Not very much to say about this but it worked well. I prefer shaving foams that mean a small amount foams up and goes a long way and this was as good as any of the others I have tried.

Coles Nail Polish Remover
The products in the generic Coles brand have been really impressive from the ones I have tried. This nail polish remover was much cheaper than other brands available and it only took a quick swipe of a cotton pad covered in this to remove all the polish.

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover
I am now trying to use up a few other eye makeup removers I have had lying around but none are as good as this one. It is quite pricey for a makeup remover (around $28 from memory) but it really does just disolve my eye makeup like no other and a bottle does last me quite a few months. Can't wait until I am done with my spending ban and can grab this again!

Systane Eye Drops
I'm finding as we are now spending more time indoors out of the cold weather that my eyes are always a bit more irritated this time of year. I also spend all day in front of the computer so I use this a few times a day to keep my eyes from getting sore.

La Prairie Cellular Time Release Moisturiser
La Prairie had a competition when they first launched their twitter account and the first people to follow them received a sample pot of this product. I was very happy when this arrived as it was a large sample in a pot rather than the sachet I had been expecting. This meant I had enough to try it out for a good few weeks and it really was impressive. Shame it is such an expensive range though as I really would like to test out more of their products.

Sportsgirl Butter Dream Body Butter in Honey
My favourite body butter of the moment and perfect for slathering myself in after a bath and climbing into bed with a good book. This scent is so nice and comforting - I can't get enough!

Australis Primer
I had heard quite a few good things about this so I had to give it a try. It did work well and I noticed it did keep my makeup in place all day but I'm still hunting for my Holy Grail primer... Just didn't amaze me, you know?

Rexona Naturals Roll On in Fresh
This is a nice refreshing scent to roll on in the morning and makes me feel more awake. I'm not sure I can really report back on how well it prevents pirspiration as the weather has been too cold to really work up a sweat during the day!

Bio Oil
I used up the last of my Palmers Skin Therapy Oil and had this on hand to use up. I did like this but I just felt the Skin Therapy Oil gave me more results and seemed to fade scars and marks faster.

Evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Hair Mask
This product was great but whoever decided this was a good way of packaging a thick hair mask was out of their mind! I think about half the product was probably thrown out when I couldn't get any more out to try. This came in one of my beauty boxes a few months ago and worked well but was so disappointed with the way it was packaged!

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Sample
I have been a longtime fan of rosehip oil and this adorable little sample was perfect for taking on a recent weekend away. Just enough for a few days use!

Glamourflage Raunchy Rosie Hand Cream
Another strange packaging choice as this sample gave enough for lots of uses but the sachet meant it needed to be stood up against something to keep it from spilling out. All the same, it was a nice product with a good scent and nice thick concictency without being oily.

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream
I love that Bellabox now had Benefit as a brand! We have already seen quite a few samples from them and they have been fantastic! Their skincare range is probably not something I would've thought to try (I always thought of them as more of a cosmetics brand) but this cream was amazing! It is being added to my wishlist now and can't wait to pick it up! It has just the right level of moisture for my skin without feeling heavy on and a lovely fresh scent to go along with it - love!

Kerastase Nectar Thermique
Just when I think I've used up the last of my sample sachets of this another seems to turn up. No complaints from me though as it has been making my brittle hair so soft and managable.

Emergin C Hydra-repair Capsules
I used these in the same way I would rosehip oil (apply it at night after cleansing and toning, wait about ten minuted and then follow with a night cream). They did work well, but I think rosehip oil seemed to work just as well and having to cut open a capsule each time got a bit annoying.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil
Just a little sample sachet of this I had to use up but I love this produch and have the full size bottle also.

Coles Makeup Remover Pads (x2)
My usual go-to makeup remover pad, can't go past these for great value.

MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
I actually get a bit excited when I finish up another MAC product as it means I am getting closer to having enough to trade in the containers for another lipstick (see my Back to MAC post). This powder is amazing, either over the top of my foundation or over tinted moisturiser on the weekend.

Whew, that was a long list this month! What products were you loving in June?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. Wow, great job! I also liked Evo's The Great Hydrator mask when I tried the sample. I agree, the sample bottle wasn't packaged well. But luckily the full size is in a squeeze tube so it's a lot easier to use. Just thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to buy it :)

    1. Excellent! Definately something I would like to pick up in the future, have you used it?

  2. Replies
    1. Haha... Getting through all that was exhausting! ;-)