Free Avon Lipstick with Woman's Weekly

Good morning beauties! I noticed this when I was picking up groceries from Coles a few days ago and you all know how much I love a magazine freebie (possibly the understatement of the year)! :-)

Woman's Weekly isn't something I would normally pick up but my Grandma loves it so I figured I could pass it on to her. This month if you pick up a copy from Coles, you get one of three Avon Extralasting lipsticks.

At first I was only going to grab one of these (I am trying to be good!) but I ended up getting 2 out of the 3 (so mum will get a copy of the magazine as well).

The two colours I decided on were Vintage Pink (a mid tone, very wearable pink) and Cuppachino (a brown based nude). The red (Eternal Flame) did look nice as well, however I have a ton of red lipsticks... actually come to think of it, I have a ton of lipsticks full stop!

Top to bottom: Vintage Pink and Cuppachino

The formula was very nich ane creamy, and I think I will definately get some use out of these. I was expecting them to be a bit more shimmery (from the pictures on the card they come with) but they are definately a cream finish and very pigmented.

Have you tried these lipsticks from Avon? Will you be trying these out?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. Thanks for letting us know!
    The swatches look nice :)

  2. These look lovely. I may have to go out and get my hands on Woman's Weekly now! :)

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