I'm sure many of you are reading this and thinking "who doesn't know this trick?", but up until recently I had no clue! I'm not even sure how I missed the memo about this but I had just been using my foundation brushes until I couldn't clean them anymore with regular brush cleansers and then tossing them away - I cringe at the thought! I stumbled across this tip very randomly on YouTube and it has been such a lifesaver I thought it was worth sharing. Even if it helps one of you then my mission has been achieved...

So... my top tip for cleaning foundation (even long wearing formulas) out of my foundation brushes? Olive oil! Yep, that little beauty hiding at the back of your pantry can make all the difference.

I hold my brushes with the bristles up, pour a small amount of olive oil directly into the bristles (maybe a 50c piece size), and massage in well until you can see the foundation starting to come out. Then I massage in a generous dollop of shampoo (you can use baby shampoo but I have found my Dove Intensive Repair for dry hair works quite well) or brush cleanser. Rinse under a running tap until the water runs clear and voila - good as new! For really stubborn brushes or if this is the first time they've been cleaned in a while you may want to repeat this a second time.

Had you heard of this tip before? Do you have any clever makeup tips you can share?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


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