September Empties time!

Sorry this is a few days late - been having a bit of a hectic week as both myself and the bf have had birthdays this week and it's been a full on time of dinners and celebrations! I am so excited it is finally October as not only is it my birthday but I am off to Hawaii in a week! Will do a few posts on the products I'm taking before I leave but meanwhile, here's what I finished up in September:

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash
This was a gift from the lovely Beautyheaven girls at the Melbourne Open Day I went to back in July and it's taken me a few months to get to using it (I was trying to finish up some others first). The verdict? I am in love! This has the most amazing smell (even the BH girls were raving about it), and lathers up so much from the tiniest amount. Will definately be buying this again (and again and again and again)...

Colgate Plax Mouthwash in Fresh Mint
Yep, another one of these...

Palmolive Men Shaving Gel in Ocean Breeze
Even though this is targeted at men, I find the scent quite nice and it works just as well for me!

Dove Nourishing Oil Shampoo
I am really loving this range from Dove at the moment. I was lucky enough to be sent the Nourishing Oil Treatment as part of my Glosscars prize earlier in the year and it took me a white to get around to using it but I was so impressed! So I picked up the shampoo and conditioner and they have been making my hair super soft and managable.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion
My sister gave me this as she wasn't really a fan of it but I quite liked it. It's nowhere near as thick as te Palmers Cocoa Butter so I was skeptical it wouldn't leave my skin feeling as moisturised however it didn't disappoint. I pop this on at night after a shower and it leaves my skin silky smooth by morning.

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Cream
This isn't available in Australia and the have recently changed the formulation so it was quite an effort to track down some of these in the old formula (the new one is drying and sticky but the old one worked a treat). I ended up stocking up on them from ebay and I love using this as both a morning and night moisturiser. The strong vitamin c had been helping to reduce breakouts and my skin tone is much more even now.

Sukin Rosehip Oil
I am such a fan of using rosehip oil as a nightly treatment. If makes my skin so soft and hydrated - a must have in my beauty routine!

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3
This has been a stable for as long as I can remember. Will continue to repurchase this as it seems to be the only thing that keeps my skin from getting oily throughout the day.

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Eye Make-up Remover
I decided to try this out as a cheaper alternative to my usual Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover but I didn't like it as much. It didn't cause any irritation to my eyes which was great, but I sisn't feel it did a very good job removing every trace of mascara - I often still woke up looking a tad panda-eyed.

Avene Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
This was a sample I received in a beauty box a few months back and like the Nivea Eye Make-up Remover, I found it worked OK, but sisn't do wuite as good a job of removing every last bit of eye makeup.

Systane Eye Drops
The only thing that gets my tired, dry eyes through the day!

Bioderma Crealine H2O Eye Makeup Remover
Again, this product work but I still prefer my Clinique Take The Day Off. I have never tried any other Bioderma products but it seemed a bit confusing too as it wasn't clearly labeled what this little bottle eyen was.

Blistex Lip Conditioner
A cult product, I rediscovered this recently and set about using it up. I must say I had forgotten how much I liked this and the light tingle when you first apply it. Will definately pick this up again!

Loreal Youth Code Luminosity Serum
I didn't really notice any difference to the tone of my skin from using just this small sachet, however I already had the full sized product and was inspired to bring it out again. I am really liking the way my skin feels very well hydrated after this has been applied.

Coles Makeup Remover Pads
I go through these like nothing else but they are such a bargain buy!

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
I am very sad to through this one out. You see, I'm not getting rid of it after months of use and lovingly wearing down the contents. Nope, this is going in the bin because I'm 100% certain it's a big fat fake! Sob... I picked this up at a makeup sale warehouse near my house and whilst the range of "MAC" they had were clearly not the real deal, they did have a range of other products from Revlon and Maybelline that were genuine so I thought I'd try out this Benefit mascara after falling in love with the one I scored as a magazine freebie last year. The box looked exactly the same and it wasn't crazy cheap (still nearly $20) so I thought maybe it would be OK. I was so disappointed when I got home and opened it up.

The consistency is horrible; it's stringy and gluggy and doesn't apply nicely at all. It also has a bit of a funny smell to it and after reading some reviews online of fake products being nothing more than black paint I was not taking any chances! The moral of the store? If it looks too good to be true it probably is!

Have you ever purchased a fake makeup product unknowingly?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. Happy Birthday :) that sucks about the fake mascara. I received a fake MAC blush a while ago :(

    1. Thanks so much Michelle, had a awesome birthday! :-) So disappointing, where did you buy your blush from?

  2. So many empties, I bet it felt good throwing all of that out :p Have fun in Hawaii

    1. Haha, so good but the problem is I seem to accumulate more each month than I throw out! ;-)

  3. so jealous you are going to hawaii! it is my favourite holiday destination!! hope you have a great time!

    just wanted to know with the sukin rosehip oil, how much of the product would you apply to your face?

    1. Thanks Coleen, I love the sun and shopping in Hawaii - so pumped! I've used quite a few brands of rosehip oils and I normally put a few drops (maybe 4) from the dropper into my palm and rub it between my hands before patting onto my face. I have quite oily skin so I've found this is the best way to apply it without putting so much on I start to look like an oil slick! :-)