Hawaii Haul: Bath & Body Works

I was so excited to see there was now a Bath and Body Works store open in Hawaii. When I was last here 2 years ago there wasn't one so of course it was on my list of shops to head to, I just wish we had one here! I wanted to buy some of their candles as I have heard so much about them but in the end I decided they were just too heavy and I didn't want to use up my baggage allowance on candles when I could pack lots of other things instead. I spent a good hour in Bath and Body Works trying out all the different scents they have and there were also some adorable holiday gift sets they had just got instore. In the end I decided on a few travel sized body sprays (I love having a small size in my handbag) and some of their hand sanitizers. Sadly, none of these products are available in Australia so that's why I couldn't include the Australian prices in this post.

Sweet Pea Body Lotion and Body Sprays in Sweet Pea, Love Love Love, Pink Chiffon, Just Be Enchanted and another Sweet Pea
3 for US$10
You can probably guess but Sweet Pea was my favourite scent and I thought I could use the mini lotion as a hand cream in my bag. Hopefully these will last me until I go back to the US next time and stock up on some more.

Hand Sanitizer in Dancing Water, Island Margarita, Pink Chiffon, Island Nectar and Aqua Blossom
5 for US$5
I've found most of the hand sanitizers available in Australia just have a very strong alcohol scent. These do still have a little bit of that but are much nicer so I now have a bit of a stockpile going on.

Hand Sanitizer in Fresh Apple, Sweet Pea, Pink Sugarplum, Snowberry and Candy Cane Bliss
5 for US$5
Yep, even more of these, I went a bit nuts - whoops! I especially love the Christmas scents they were bringing out, makes me feel like it's almost here!

Hand Sanitizer Holder
I decided I had to try out these little holders. You pop the bottle of hand sanitizer into it and it can then be clipped onto your key ring or bag.

Forever Red EDT Mini
This was their newly released holiday scent and it smelt so nice I decided to pick up the little travel size. I can't really describe it very well but it's a bit of a fruity berry scent.

Liplicious Plump Glass
This was actually a freebie as I was given a coupon for a free product when you spent over $15 the first time I went in the store. Always love a freebie! :-)

Have you tried any products from Bath and Body works? I'm contemplating placing an order online sometime and using a parcel fowarding service but as some of the products are heavy it could get quite expensive.

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


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