Hawaii Haul: Nail Polishes

Of course while I was away I made sure I picked up every OPI that ever existed! Well, OK, not quite but I did get quite a few polishes that had been on my wishlist for a while...

OPI The Colour of Minnie and OPI I'm All Ears
US$6.59 (Australian retail is $19.95)
I was so excited to see the colours brought out as part of the OPI Minnie Mouse Collection. I was tempted to get them all but I limited myself to two. They look very similar in the photograph but actually are different in person as one is more of a creme and the other has quite a bit more shimmer.

OPI Bubble Bath and OPI Base Coat
US$6.59 (Australian retail is $19.95) 
I already have a bottle of Bubble Bath at home but mine is a few years old and is starting to get a bit gluggy so I thought I would pickup a backup while I could get it cheap. I must confess I've never really bothered with a base coat when I do my nails but I wanted to pick up a good one and try to make more of an effort when I do my nails in the hope my polish will last longer.

OPI Over the Taupe, OPI In My Back Pocket and OPI Bright Lights Big Color
US$6.59 (Australian retail is $19.95) 
These had been on my list of colours to check out for quite some time so they had to be mine! :-)

Orly Rage (mini size) US$3.50 (Australian retail is $7.95), Essie Cute As a Button and Essie Fiji US$8.53 (Australian retail is $18.95)

Some more from my wishlist! I only got a mini size in Rage by Orly as it didn't seem like a colour I would wear all that often but I wanted to try it out. I had heard so many raves about these two Essie polishes as well.

Revlon Scented Nail Colour in Raspberry Rapture, Revlon Top Speed Nail Colour in Sheer Cotton, Revlon Nail Colour in Graceful, Revlon Nail Colour in Scandalous and Revlon Nail Colour in Flirt
US$5.79 (Australian Retail is $13.95)
Revlon was EVERYWHERE I turned in Hawaii so I couldn't help but pick up quite a few of their products. They are quite good for a "drugstore" brand of polishes and last well, especially when I take the time to use my base and top coats!

Still a few more hauls to share with you all (yep, I went a bit nuts), stay tuned!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. Love all the colours you picked up! The prices are ridiculous in Aus >.<


    1. Totally agree - wish I lived in the US just for the shopping alone!