December Lust Have It

With the hectic few days surrounding Christmas now over I finally have a chance to sit down and catch up on a few blog posts. Last week my December edition of Lust Have It arrived and I was a tad dissappointed with its contents this time around. It had been hyped on the LHI Facebook page but didn't quite live up to expectations sadly. The products were good, but it feels like very similar to products we have seen before and nothing really stood out to me.

Here's what was included:

Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT
This was apparently a bonus product anyway but I would've liked to see a sample of a newer fragrance instead. I seem to be in the minority but I'm not really a fan of many Marc Jacobs scents (the exception being Dot) so wasn't too impressed by this sample.

Everyday Minerals Cheek Blush in Nature's Sweet Side
I'm normally not a big fan of loose powder blushes as they can be tricky to apply in just the right amount and I tend to pick up too much on my brush when using these. This is a very pretty matte pink which I am looking foward to trying all the same, will just have to use a light hand so I don't end up looking like a clown! Many of the blushes in my collection are more on the shimmery side so this will be a good option when I want a different look. 

Baji Rose Kakadu Plum Face Mist
I love that this is an Australian product and is based on natural ingredients however I would've preferred to try something else from their range as I have a few face mists lined up to trial already from these sample boxes.

Catwalk by Tigi Sessions Series Finishing Hairspray
I haven't seen this product from Tigi around before and I have been a big fan of the products I have tried from them in the past so I am excited about trying this out. I often get quite bad flyaways during the day (especially when you add heat and humidity to the mix) so this will be the perfect size for stowing in my handbag for hair emergencies!
Pelactiv Hydra Daily Defense
I can't believe the price this retails for ($69 for this size tube), madness! I have a tonne of moisturisers to use up but I like the suggestion of using this as a makeup base instead and perhaps this will mean it goes further than just using it as a daily moisturiser.

Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Cream in Kakadu Water Lily and Marseille Gardenia
I'm not much of a fan of floral scents so I think I will probably like the Water Lily more from these two sachets but will give both a go. My main issue with hand cream samples being in sachets like this is there is always too much product for a single use so you need to find a way of storing it upright until it has all been used up which can be a pain, would much prefer a tube or tub sample.

Lust Have It Exfoliating Glove
This is made from quite a different material to the exfoliating gloves I normally purchase - it is more of a rough fabric and doesn't feel quite as abrasive to the touch. It will be interesting to see if this works better than what I am used to using.
Did you get Lust Have It's December box? What were your thoughts?
Hope you are all having a beautiful day!


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