MUA Haul #2

A few weeks ago MUA had 35% off and free shipping for online orders to celebrate reaching 35,000 Facebook fans and I was so excited to pick up some more things from their range. I placed an order from them earlier in the year and the Love Hearts Lip Balms now sit on my desk and get used every day so I have been really pleased with the products I have tried from this purse-friendly brand so far.

I placed three orders and was planning to do a post once they all arrived but there has been a massive delay on the third parcel (we're talking over a month longer than the first two and they were all ordered within a few days of each other). :-( So I've decided I will share what I have so far anyway and save the other products (when they turn up) for a later post.

I'm really excited to see if the rest of the range is as great value as the products I have tried already. I have a bit of a lip gloss obsession if you haven't noticed! I think this started in early high school when I would carry around a pencil case with 12 different lip balms/glosses and only about three pens. ;-) You never know what colour you will feel like using so better to be prepared!

I love a bit of coloured eyeliner in summer to brighten up my face and highlight my (blue/green) eyes so I picked up the 3-in-1 Contour Pens in Sea Blue and Fresh Mint.What really impressed me with these are they are a rectangular tip so you can use the thin side as an eyeliner or the flatter, wider side as an eyeshadow pencil (blended out of course). I also love a good black liquid eyeliner so picked up the Extreme Felt Liner and has to add the Mascara in Brown after reading that the makeup artists at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year used brown mascara on the lower lashes to give the models a flirty, natural look.

These eyeshadow trios looked so lovely and pigmented so I decided on the Innocence Trio and I must say I am not disappointed at all. The shadows are lovely and soft and a very small amount gives intense colour. I also ordered two of the single eye shadows in Shade 22 (which is much more of a flatter pink than it appears on the site) and Shade 11 (again it's much less of a red brown in the picture on the site). I was quite happy with these also but the colours are very different to how they appear online which makes it a bit hard to decide which ones to buy.

I've read reviews of the MUA lipsticks that said the pigmentation varied quite a bit between colours but I think I will get good use out of the shades I selected (top to bottom: Shade 7, Shade 12 and Shade 16). Again the colours displayed online are quite different to the products so hopefully MUA can revise this in the future so we have a better idea what we are ordering. I did look at a few swatches on blogs to decide before I placed my order which really helped. I got the Mosaic Blusher to try out too. It is quite sheer and a tad chalky so will have to see how this goes once I have applied it to my cheeks and blended it out.

This time I ordered the whole range of Love Hearts Lip Balms as I loved them so much. They are (left to right) Sugar Lips, Kiss Me, Great Lips and Hot Lips. Sweet Kiss backup is still to come in my third order.

I was quite impressed with the pigmentation and consistency of the lip glosses from the Intense Kisses Lipgloss (colour is Sealed with a Kiss) and Out There Lipgloss ranges (colours are Pink Sugar, Peach Shimmer and Candy Pink). They add just enough colour and aren't too sticky which is always a major turn off when I'm looking at lip products!

Last lot of lipglosses I swear (I really will be set for all year)!

The Sheer Finish Lip Glosses I picked up were in Happy Days, Just In Case, Some Me Time, Cute Talk and Too Much Fun. These don't have as much colour as the Out There Lip Gloss but still have a great non-sticky finish and will be great for taking in my handbag.

Aside from my last parcel not turning up yet I have been really happy with my orders from MUA. They offer such great quality products at a fantastic price and a discount and free shipping makes it even better! I'm hanging out for their 50% off sale (when they get 50,000 facebook fans) so I can hopefully grab a few of the products and shades that were out of stock this time.

Have you bought from this brand before? What are your favourite MUA products?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. How exciting! Love how budget friendly MUA products are :) I loove their lipsticks and the Intense Kisses gloss is pretty much perfect. I'm also super keen for the 50k offer!

  2. I have never tried MUA products but they look like they are great value and quality. Great review :)

  3. this is such a great haul you went to town with the lip glosses lol! its a shame that the 3rd parcel is taking so long...

  4. Great haul! Currently loving MUA's gel eyeliner! I use it on my waterline and it stays all day :)