Hawaii Haul: Other random products I picked up!

I've finally come to the last post of my Hawaii Haul and it makes me a bit sad actually - I want to go back already! ;-)

Right around the corner from our hotel was a Ross store. Ross seems to sell quite an assortment of brands that have come from other department stores at a great discount so I was able to pick up a few perfumes much cheaper than I could've bought them at Sephora.

Viva La Juicy 30ml
US$29.99 (Australian retail is about $57)
I couldn't decide which of these I wanted and at such a cheap price I decided to get both!

Peace, Love & Juicy Coture 50ml
$US34.99 (Australian retail is $99)
The bottle of this is adorable! Couldn't resist!

I wanted to try this leave in conditioner from It's a 10 as I had read great reviews and when I went to pick it up from Trade Secret they had a buy one get 75% off a second deal on - that's craziness!

It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Product
US$29.95 (not available in Australia)
I used this to help slick back my hair into a bun while I was away and it really did seem to protect my hair from the heat and saltwater. I tried not to straighten or blow dry my hair and just give it a bit of a break for a few weeks and I think it really helped. I came back with softer, smoother hair! 

It's a 10 Miracle Mask
US$24.95, I paid US$6.24 with 75% discount (not available in Australia)
I used this instead of a conditioner each night when I washed my hair ( I was washing more frequently than I normally would due to swimming every day). A small amount spread throyugh my hair very easily and really seemed to melt in. I would leave this on for a few minutes while I showered before washing it out and I really think these two products stopped my hair from getting totally wrecked.

It's a shame It's a 10 isn't available in Australia, I definately will try to repurchase these online when I run out. It's just a shame they are so heavy or I would've picked up a set of backups as well.

Have you tried anything in this range?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. I have heard so much hype about the 'Its a 10' products especially in the youtube beauty community. Might have to try and pick some up online somewhere to help out my dry hair! Do let us know if you find an online retailer :)

    Amber xx

    1. I did see it on strawberrynet a little while ago but it was more expensive that it was in the US. Will probably get a replacement there once this has run out though!

  2. i bought "peace love and juicy couture" not that long ago i cant wait to try viva la juicy! its crazy the price difference between here and the US!

    1. I know, makes me think twice before picking up things in shops here when I know I can probably get them cheaper online from the US.