January Lust Have It

My January Lust Have It box has arrived and the first thing I noticed was the pretty little box it came in this month. The last few Lust Have It packs have come in brightly coloured cosmetic cases which I did really love, however there are only so many makeup cases I can use at any one time! These boxes will be good for storing spare products in so I'm hoping these are here to stay.

Sadly, I wasn't as impressed by the selection of products this month. There was 2 good full sized products (Nude By Nature BB Cream and Lush Makeup) and a nice kabuki brush but the other products were a bit of a miss for me.

Nude By Nature BB 5-in-1 Miracle Cream in Medium
I am such a fan of BB creams so I'm forward to trying this out. The main thing that I look for in a good one is a decent coverage (some are quite sheer) and a nice finish so I can apply light makeup over the top without causing to many issues. Will let you know my thoughts once I have had a chance to test this one!

Lust Have It Kabuki Brush
I really liked the last eyeshadow brush Lust Have It included a few months ago from their own range and this looks just as fantastic! The bristles are lovely and soft and dense enough that they will pick up a decent amount of product.

Lush Emotional Brillance Makeup in Success Say Yes
This is another full sized product but I can't say a silver eye liner is something I will get a lot of use out of. I also found the mixture seems to seperate quite a bit and takes a lot of shaking before it can be used.

That said it is pretty when swatched and I like the concept attached to this range (that each colour is linked to a word and wearing it will attract that attribute).

Ella Bache Great 50+ Sportsbloc Active
I thought this was a bit of an annoying way to get a sample of sunscreen as a sachet could be very messy to use at the beach or out by the pool. I have tried a few SPF 50+ products in the past and they have tended to be very thick and tricky to rub in so hopefully this is an improvement on those.

Klorane Nourishing Treatment Shampoo and Nourishing and Untangling Conditioning Balm
I wasn't too excited by these two products as I have tried samples of these in the past and found them to be fairly average. I will pop them in my shower to use up all the same but a bit dissappointing to see these again.

Did you get this month's Lust Have It? Were you impressed by the products you were sent?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. A shame about this one, it wasn't as exciting as some of the other versions. Although the Lush colour is beautiful!

    1. Hopefully Lust Have It will be a bit more consistent in the future, I find some boxes great and then others disappointing - just wish they could all be AMAZING! :-)