Lust Have It Summer Eco Box

After seeing a few blog posts of this new addition from Lust Have It, I decided to get on board. I'm a big fan of natural and organic products and this seemed right up my alley! It is a bit more expensive at $29.95 but only comes out every three months so I didn't think that was too bad (averages out to $10 a month). It's even better value than the monthly Lust Have It boxes and since a few of the boxes I was subscribed to have folded I decided to subscribe.

I was quite impressed with this box, here's what was inside:

Earthly Body Lavender Hand and Body Lotion with Hemp Seed
I have heard about how nourishing hemp seed is supposed to be for the skin but haven't tried it out myself yet. Although it is yet another hand lotion to add to my huge collection from sample boxes, I will probably end up using this just as a body lotion instead.

De Lorenzo Mudslide Styling Cream
I am such a fan of De Lorenzo products, it's not too often I will use a styling cream product like this but Mr GP certainly does and I like it's promise to not leave any residue or stickiness the way some styling products can.

World Organic Juniper Berry Cleansing Face Wash and Almond Seed Face Exfoliant
A good range or organic skincare products is always on my wish list (I have tried a few but nothing has seemed perfect for me yet). Fingers crossed this could be my new HG!

Dr Hauschka Melissa Day Cream
This promises to calm and manage shine (my nemisis throughout the day) and contains witch hazel which I have found in the past to be great for preventing and clearing up breakouts.

Kuu Konjac Deep Cleansing Sponge
I am so excited to try this! It looks a bit strange but I love little tools like this so I'm hoping it gets my face feeling squeaky clean!

Aphrodite Make Your Eyes Pop!
This is so pretty - my go-to eyeshadow shade for the daytime is something like this so it will get plenty of use. I do find powder shadows can be a tad messy and need to be applied very carefully but this has a lovely shimmer to it. Apparently it comes in over 100 shades - may have to look into some others...

This pigment gives a good amount of colour and shimmer.
Have you heard of/subscribed to this box? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and started following :)

    I received the same eco box as you (different colour eye shadow. I was really impressed and have been using all the products!

    I can't wait to receive the autumn eco!