Priceline Skincare Goodie Bag

It’s that time again beauties! You may have noticed I’m a huge sucker for a freebie so when I spotted the new Priceline catalogue online earlier this week I had to remind myself to continue to breathe…

I loved this bag so much last year (you can read about it here) and still have one or two of the moisturisers left. This time around I decided to stock up on a few of the body lotions and creams I regularly use rather than experimenting with anything new and I also decided to trial ordering online from Priceline as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get down to the shops at lunchtime (we have a work lunch). The site charges a flat $5.95 shipping rate and estimates goods will take 3-5 working days to arrive, hmm… Is it a tad obsessive that I keep checking if the postie has been even though I know there is ZERO chance they will arrive today (since I only placed my order at 6am) ? Yep, I have problems! Haha…

To qualify for the bag you need to spend $60 or more on skincare from the participating brands (which are all discounted as well) and the sale started today – Thursday the 20th June. This seems to be the best value of the Priceline goodie bags (I picked up the makeup one earlier in the year too) and always sells out super fast. I highly suggest heading to check it out if you haven’t already – will post the contents once my order arrives.

Run don’t walk ladies! ;-)

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. I picked this up today, it's such good value :)

  2. Totally sucked me into buying it Sarah! And I talked my mum into doing it too. Brandsmart in Nunawading has a priceline now, did you know? They had heaps of bags left today :) I was stressed I might miss out!

    So much stuff inside!!!
    Cat :)

    1. Haha, glad to see I'm influencing you both - apologies to your wallets! ;-) I went into the brandsmart one quickly a while ago to grab something but haven't really had much of a look around, apparently they've done up the whole centre?