Nail of the Day - Maybelline Colour Show in Impeccable Greys

I finally got around to trying out this wonderful winter shade last week. The weather had been grey and gloomy and I had been sick in bed with tonsillitis so it seemed fitting that my nails would reflect my moody state! This is a gorgeous deep grey with a bit of a purple tone and it went opaque with just two coats. My only qualm with dark polishes is that I feel as soon as they start to show the slightest amunt of chipping they need to come off, whereas a lighter colour means you can potentiallu get away with it a day longer.

Have you tried any of the Colour Show polishes?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

1 comment:

  1. I love this shade! Perfect for winter :) I always remove dark nail polishes as soon as they chip - it always looks worse :/