Nail of the Day - Revlon Bubbly

A few years ago I was utterly obsessed with this pretty pink polish. I had it on my nails for almost a year constantly and the bond was only broken when I managed to lose my precious bottle - devastation! I'm not really sure why I didn't run out and repurchase it there and then but time meant it was forgotten until I saw it once again on sale for half price and simply couldn't pass it up!

It's such a pretty mid-tone pink and it has such a lovely creamy finish. Two coats is enough to make it completely opaque and it lasts well too. The tone is not quite barbie pink but definitely brighter than a pastel and would work well for a range of skin tones. You know your polish is impressive when you have people stop and ask where it's from!

Super pleased I am reunited with my love!

Have you tried this polish?

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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