Welcome back to Glamourpussgirl 2.0!

Hello lovely readers,

You may have noticed I have been rather absent from blogging lately but rest assured GPG is back for 2014 and ready to roll! I’ve been busily working away in the background over the last few months to give the blog a fresh new look to coincide with the new year and have a even fresher lot of posts planned for you all over the next few months. I’m super excited to be back and have a massive grin plastered on my face while I’m writing this (nope, not crazy - promise)!

I’ve missed blogging so much but it got to a point last year where life was crazy and I just couldn’t fit it all in, so I had to take some time out for my own sanity – I hope you all understand. I had lots of exciting things going on in other areas of my life and blogging had to take a back seat (but just for a bit). I’m back with a vengeance now and oh how I have missed you all! J

To coincide with my blog relaunch I will be hosting my very first giveaway (can you believe I’ve never actually run one?!) very soon but in the meantime I would be forever grateful if you could share the love and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I have big things planned for Glamourpussgirl this year and can’t wait for you all to be a part of it! If you have any suggestions for posts you would like to see feel free to let me know – I have already had a few which are on their way but if there is anything you would like to see or products you would like reviewed I’ll do my absolute very best to work those in.

Hope you are all as excited for 2014 and all that it brings, have you got anything special planned this year?

As always, I hope you are having a beautiful day!

Sarah xox


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    1. Thanks for stopping by Melanie! Glad you like it! :-)

  2. I love your layout ^_^ Looking forward to your first giveaway !

    I will be heading off to Japan in a few weeks... excitement!!!!


    1. Japan, you lucky thing!!! Sadly no holidays planned for me yet this year... :-(