After being sent this beautiful summer shade in my recent Lust Have It FaB Box (review soon!), I decided to try it out. I've used a couple of products from the Boe Beauty range and wanted to see how the polish measured up.

Boe Beauty is a range sold in Kmart stores and has quite a wide range of products on offer - I was quite impressed with how lovely and moisturising their lip crayons were even if they lacked the pigmentation of other more expensive brands.

The verdict? While I love the colour of this polish it just didn't seem to last very long before it started to chip and flake away. Like less than a full day - fail. In fairness, I did skip the topcoat this time around however I would still expect it to look quite presentable less than 12 hours after it was applied. I might give it an opportunity to redeem itself and test it out with a topcoat but I an't say I'd be in a rush to pick up others from the range.

Have you tried anything from Boe Beauty? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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  1. Boe beauty is sold at Big W stores , not Kmart.