So it seems only fair that I spill the beans on my favourite trick for keeping my crazy/wavy/frizzy main under control - it's too good to keep to myself!

Ever since stumbling across this tip a few years ago it's made the world of difference and my hair is in much better condition, making it a cinch to style and meaning I can sometimes (gasp! shock! horror!) even wear it au natural.

The key? That old cotton promo t-shirt you've thrown away to be forgotten in the back of your drawer. Yep. You know you've got one. Pull it out.

Next, take a small amount of hair serum and run it through the lengths of your wet hair after you jump out of the shower. Be careful to keep it to the lengths only - oily looking roots are not cute. Blot your hair gently with the t-shirt being careful not to rub (this causes hair breakage which we're trying to steer well clear of). Wrap your hair turban style in the t-shirt and leave to dry.

Unwrap for soft, frizz free (or at the very least minimised) locks!

The cotton pulls the moisture from your hair without the abrasive texture of the towel causing hair to be pulled and break - try it and thank me later, you babe you!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


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