Meeting Zoe Foster as part of the Melbourne Writer's Festival

A few weeks ago now, I was lucky enough to pick up a ticket to an event which was being held as part of the Melbourne Writer's Festival - a conversation with the beautiful Zoe Foster. If you don't know who Zoe is (and you totally should!) she's the ex-Cosmo beauty editor who is now spending her time sharing her beauty tips through Mamamia, writing fiction books and laughing alongside Hamish Blake. She has been a long time girl-crush of mine ever since I first read her tips in Cosmopolitan as a pimply teen and the chance to hear her discuss her books and see her glowy skin up close (and she is every bit as stunning in person) was too good to pass up!

Zoe chatting with Crikey blogger Bethany Blanchard - excuse the poor photography with the iphone, thought I might look like a bit of a stalker if I pulled out my digital SLR!
Better still, after the event Zoe was lovely enough to hang around and answer questions, chat (her AMAZING neon nail polish was Orly's Hot Shot - Nail of the Day to come soon!) and sign copies of her books.

Zoe and I - Zoe looking flawless and me looking very windblown from the crazy Melbourne weather!
If you haven't checked out Zoe's books, I suggest dropping everything and heading to the shops right this moment...

The tow books I had signed by Zoe on the day.

Still reading? Well OK, but promise me you'll make a note to check them out!

She has two non-fiction books; Amazing Face (full of essential beauty tips she picked up in her years as a beauty editor) and Textbook Romance (written with Hamish and is the modern girls dating resource). Her fiction books Air Kisses, Playing the Field and The Younger Man and have become my beach-read essentials. Seriously, if Zoe wrote a book monthly I would be first in line to buy them all. She has such a witty take on life and her writing is such fun to read - can't get enough!  

Amazing Face deserves a seperate post  but I wanted to share this with you all as I was so very excited and the Mr GP had no comprehension of what a big deal this was (we met Hamish and Andy in a lift once though and Mr GP was talking about it for weeks)! :-)

Zoe was so sweet in person, so great to find she behaved just like a normal person (not at all like the rock star I think she is) - the girl crush continues!

Have you read any of Zoe's books? Would love to hear you thoughts as I am a massive book-worm (yep, it's out there now)...

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


  1. Oh wow! Lucky girl! I want to meet Zoe! :) I love her book Amazing Face.

    1. It was amazing - so lucky I found out about this! Love her!