Nail of the Day - Essie Haute as Hello

For the past few weeks I've been fighting off a virus so have spent way more time on the couch sick than I have in years - so frustrating! A few weeks ago I had a few days off with a throat infection (they thought it was tonsillitis), and at the start of last week it flared up again so it was back to the doctor once more! 

As I was feeling rather glum I spent some time watching beauty videos on YouTube and since it's summer in the US, so many beauty gurus had lovely summery shades on their nails. I decided it was time for a summer shade too so dug through my collection until I found this melon polish from Essie. Two coats later and I was definitely feeling warmer! :-)

Have you got a bright shade you use as a winter pick me up?

Hope you are having a beautiful day! 

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